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Automatic Live Stream Recording and Archiving.

Your streams are automatically recorded and stored on our server, which means that you don't have to upload them separately. Once streaming is complete, the archive files are automatically converted to universal MP4 format, which can be viewed by almost all devices. From our Admin Panel, you can rename your recorded files and choose whether or not they will display on your archive listing page. You have control of your archive listing page.

IOS App for on-the-go watching.

Your viewers can install our webapp to their Apple iPad or iPhone for on-the-go convenience and ease of use. Great for families on vacation! An Android App is coming soon as well.

Now your users can watch on Roku!

Your viewers can now watch your live and archived video streams using their Roku player and our free Roku app! Support for additional Smart TV devices such as Samsung Smart TV and Google TV is coming soon!

Embed your streams on your own webpage.

You can embed your live streams on your own webpage using our streaming widget, or you can simply create a link to your personalized streaming page on our server for a quick and easy-to-implement solution.

Upload your own video or audio files using our Admin Panel.

You have full access to upload files that were recorded elsewhere and store them on our server alongside your automatically recorded streams.

Affordable streaming solutions.

Plans are available to fit almost any budget. Support and setup assistance is included with all plans.

Countdown Timer.

Our countdown timer lets your site viewers know how long it will be until your next broadcast.